Press Release from "The Short Sistars" - 5 October 2009, 2pm


"The Short Sistars" of Tauranga, a sister trio singing group, who last week uploaded an original song on You Tube entitled "Tsunami", which has been used to channel funds to New Zealand Red Cross and Oxfam, are concerned of the Pacific Tsunami, in the future, becoming a distant memory.  In two months the focus will be Christmas and holidays, yet meanwhile for our Pacific neighbours, the trauma and devastation continues.


"The Short Sistars" are calling on Music Promoters and Musicians nationwide, to come together, give of their time, and organize a Benefit Concert, or series of concerts, during the summer months, with proceeds going to Tsunami affected families.  It would be very powerful if concerts were held at beach locations reminding us all.


Our worry is that in the months ahead when the Tsunami ravaged islands of Samoa and Tonga are no longer in the news, and during the time when we are sunbathing on our unspoilt beaches - what then?  Will the rebuilding funds still be flowing?  It is then that a Benefit Concert would be so needed so that the funds could provide the "Hope for Tomorrow".


The song "Tsunami" was written following the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, however only recorded three months ago.